Hit the tin game for rent in Chennai


+ Cost Varies For Outside Chennai

Rent Details Of Hit The Tin Game In Chennai For Birthdays, weddings, and corporate events.

By renting the hit the can game from us, our clients will get the following items:

  1. one hit the tin or hit the can game setup will come
  2. one hit the can game with party entertainer to setup the game and to help the guests to play the game through out the event.
  3. client will get the game with the party entertainers for 3 hours, additional hours will cost extra.
  4.  two tables and one chair has to be provided from the client side
  5. transportaion cost may be added based on the distance.

Hit the Tin Game for rent in Chennai

Hit the Tin game is also known as Hit the Can game or Thrash the Can from all over the world, This Hit the Can game is a popular carnival game, that is liked by people from all age groups.

Anyone can set up the simple hit-the-can game for the party within 15 minutes without any help, but the main disadvantage of this game is the tins will collide each time while getting hit by the ball. so maintaining the order of the tins is almost impossible


Hit the tin game for party in chennai

As mentioned earlier, the Shoot the Can game is simple to set but maintaining the game playable throughout the event is almost impossible.

And this is the reason why we included the game in our party entertainment service list, by ordering the hit the hit-the-can game setup from us our client will get the hit-the-can game setup with one party entertainer, and the party entertainer will be there for three hours, and will help the kids and adults at the party to play without any hindrances.

usually, we charge 3,500 rs for 3 hours if it is a party under 300 guests, the costs will be added extra based on the number of guests and the duration of the event

transportation cost will be added based on the distance.

Things needed for Hit the can game

We will bring the necessary tins and balls needed for the game setup, but if the client needs the customized game setup based on the birthday party theme. then it has to be finalized on the day of booking, the last minute customizations cannot be done.

the next thing we need from the client side is one rectangular table of side 3 x 5 feet size or a round table size 4×4 feet and one chair to set the game 

the place to setup the game must be at any of the edges or corners of the banquet hall.



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