Simple Jungle Birthday Theme decoration in Chennai


(Only In Chennai)

Jungle Theme Birthday Decoration In Chennai

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  1. The company is located in Chennai Ramapuram, So We can speak Tamil & English
  2. Please Call or WhatsApp Us At +91 73586 23418 For more details
  3. If You Need Any Other Decoration, Then send us a picture of that Decoration To Get a Free Quote
  4. We will Come and Do the Birthday Decoration For You anywhere in Chennai

Jungle Adventure Party Decoration In Chennai: Transform your child’s birthday party into a wild and exciting adventure with our Jungle Adventure Party Decoration Set. Featuring lifelike animal cutouts, vibrant foliage backdrops, and safari-themed balloons, this set creates an immersive jungle experience that will leave your little explorers in awe. From roaring lions to swinging monkeys, the realistic animal decorations bring the jungle to life, while the lush green foliage and vibrant accents transport guests straight into the heart of the rainforest. Easy to assemble and made from high-quality materials, our Jungle Adventure Party Decoration Set is the perfect choice for a memorable and immersive jungle-themed celebration.

Jungle Birthday Theme Customized Birthday Backdrop Decoration In Chennai.

By ordering this Birthday Backdrop decoration, you will get

  1. Customized Theme Birthday Backdrop of size 8 feet in height & 12 Feet in width 
  2. Theme-based Cartoon cut-outs – 04 No’s
  3. Customized Welcome flex of size 6 feet height and 3 feet width at entrance to welcome your guests.
  4. Focus Light For backdrop 04 no’s
  5. One Welcome Balloon Arch at the entrance 
  6. Hall & Stage Balloon decoration of a Total of 600 balloons ( Including Balloon Arch )
  7. Special Entrance Decoration
  8. Draped Cake Table
  9. Party hats
  10.  Transportation, Labor, & Designer Costs are INCLUDED in this package
  11. If you see any other decoration material that is not listed in the above list, it may cost you extra, so please confirm your list by contacting me at +91 7358623418

What We Need From Your Side: As the best Theme Birthday Backdrop decoration service provider in Chennai, we strive to deliver exceptional results. However, there are a few important requirements that we kindly ask you to fulfill to ensure a seamless experience.

  1. Party Hall Access: To complete our meticulous decorations, we kindly request access to the party hall 4 hours prior to the event. This time frame allows us to set up everything perfectly for your special day. We kindly ask for your assistance in securing the permission for our early access.
  2. Return of Decoration Materials: With the exception of balloons, we will retrieve all the decoration materials after the event. Your cooperation in returning the materials to us is greatly appreciated.
  3. Power Supply for Balloons and Decorations: Please ensure that we have access to a power supply at least 4 hours prior to the event. This is necessary to inflate the balloons using normal air balloon blowers and to operate any other decorations that require power.
  4. Removal of Stickers and Tapes: We use the highest quality tapes and stickers for our decorations. However, to prevent any potential permanent stains or damages on the walls and ceilings, we kindly advise you to remove the stickers and tapes within 12 hours after the event.

Thank you for your cooperation in meeting these requirements. We look forward to creating a beautiful and unforgettable baby shower experience for you.


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