Mini Bowling Alley For Rent In Chennai for Parties


+ Cost Varies For Outside Chennai

Details Of Mini bowling alley game for rent in Chennai for parties

By ordering this mini bowling game for rent. Our client will get the following things :

  1. One bowling ball lane setup with bowling pins and a small bowling ball
  2. One party entertainer to arrange the game set up
  3. The party entertainer will be there for 3 hours to help our clients. To organize the mini-bowling game at the party
  4. default rental time duration is 3 hours, additional hours extra
  5. transportation costs will be added based on the distance

Mini Bowling Alley Game for rent In Chennai

Mini Bowling Alley is another popular carnival game liked by children from ages 4 to 10, this game is very easy to set up, but the materials for this game set are heavy to lift, so it can be arranged by the children by themselves, so definitely the adult supervision is needed while setting this game, but after setting this game, there is no need for adult supervision because all the game properties are made up of are child-friendly materials

Mini Bowling Game

Since this mini bowling is a popular carnival game, this game setup can be placed at birthday parties, private carnivals, team gatherings, school carnivals and fairs, corporate events, weddings, and many other private parties

Slow Bowling Alley For rent In Chennai

As the leading event management company in Chennai, we have two models in this game, one model is the fixed model cannot be customized based on the event and will be very hard to lift by one person, we prefer this model mini bowling game for school carnivals, weddings, and corporate events where the number of guests will exceed more than 200 

but the other model of this mini bowling game is highly customizable and is easy to lift and set up, we prefer this model game for the birthday parties, since this small bowling alley is highly customizable, so we can edit the designs based on the birthday theme decoration.

Rental Details for Small Bowling Alley In Chennai for party

By renting this small bowling alley from us, our clients will get one game promoter for 3 hours, the game promoter will help our clients set this game and will be there at the party for 3 hours to help the guests and kids at the party to play the game. and more than that the game promoter will deliver the game to your doorstep and pick up the game after the rental time duration at no extra cost.

The transportation will be added extra based on the distance, so kindly call or send us a WhatsApp message at +91 73586 23418


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