Nail Art Artist For Party In Chennai To Do Nail Art


+ Cost Varies For Outside Chennai

Details Of Nail Art Artist For All Kinds Of Events In Chennai:

  1. One professional nail art artist will come to the party
  2. All our artists have multiple experiences in this field, so they can draw almost all kinds of complex nail art designs.
  3. The nail artist will be there at the party for 3 hours
  4. If you need the artist for more than 3 hours then you have to pay extra 1000 rs for each additional hour.
  5. We have nail art artists all over Chennai, so the person who is closer to the venue will reach the venue, so we don’t charge any extra cost for transportation inside Chennai.
  6. to know more details about the nail art services in Chennai kindly call us or message us at +91 73586 23418

Nail Artist For Party In Chennai

The best place to find nail artists in Chennai for all kinds of parties, we have more than 20+ professional nail artists all over Chennai, so our artists can do the nail art for the guests at parties in chennai without any additional cost.

Nail Art Artist For Birthday Party in Chennai

Each kid is unique in their own way, some like arts and some kids would love to play, so as the party organizers, we always prefer to include the entertainment birthday stalls and the activity birthday stall for kids at a party to our guests.

The nail art artist stall at a birthday party will fall in the activity birthday stall category, So this nail art stall is such a treat for the kids who love to create and draw something, in simple words the nail art activity stall is for the kids who shows interest in art

Nail Artist For Birthday Party In Chennai To do Nail Art

Even though anyone can draw simple nail art designs, complex designs need the help of professional nail artists. by hiring a professional nail artist for a birthday party, our clients can get a professional touch in every nail art design. more than that kids can also learn some new designs and some nail art designs by watching the professional nail artist while drawing the nail art designs on nails.

so by hiring a professional nail artist for the party, our clients will get two more benefits as well, since all our nail artists are professional, they can also draw the nail art for the adults at the party.

The next benefit is both kids and adults love the nail art, especially the girls at the party would love to draw something unique on their nails, so the nail art will become the center of attraction for the teenage guests at a party, so by hiring the professional nail art for a party, our  clients can celebrate a most rememberable birthday party in Chennai

Things To Know about our Nail Art Artist in Chennai

All our nail art artists are professionals with multiple years of experience

we are only best at drawing nail art services, but we never do manicure or pedicure services

The paints and polishes used by our artists are acrylic paints and some general nail polishes that are available at the stores, so most of them are not toxic and safe for kids

we charge 3,000 rs for 3 hours, if our clients need the artist for more than 3 hours, they have to pay extra.

Nail art artist near me

As mentioned earlier, we are the leading party planners in Chennai with multiple years of experience, so within all these years, we have hired more than 40 professional nail art artists from all around Chennai.

so we are offering our nail art services all over Chennai without charging any additional cost for transportation and food expenses.

FAQ Of Nail Art Services In In Chennai

Is nail art only for kids?

No, Nail art is loved by people from all age groups

Is Nail Art Safe For Kids?

Most of the paints used by our artist are acrylic paints, and some polishes are available in general stores, so it’s almost very safe for kids above age 3.

Can I book the Nail art Artist For My Wedding?

Yes, of course, you can book the nail artists in Chennai for almost all kinds of parties, but we are mostly booked for birthday parties, weddings, receptions, engagements, and some other simple private family parties in Chennai


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