Ring Toss Game For Rent In Chennai For All Kinds Of Events


+ Cost Varies For Outside Chennai

Details Of Ring Throw or Ring Toss Carnival GameFor Rent In Chennai

By Renting the ring toss game set up our clients will get the following things:

  1. One ring toss game set up at the party
  2. Three rings will become by default, additional rings have to be mentioned while ordering the game.
  3. one professional party entertainer will come to the event
  4. party entertainer will arrange the game and help the guests to play the games throughout the event
  5. Ring toss game and the game promoter will be there for 3 hours, more than 3 hours will cost extra
  6. suitable for parties under guests under 300 numbers
  7. Transportation may be added based on the distance

Ring Toss Game For Rent In Chennai

The ring toss game is also known as the ring throw game, ring the bottle, and hook the ring game. This ring toss game is also a popular game at various parties like birthday parties, corporate events, and also at some school carnivals.

The ring toss game is very simple to setup and almost anyone can setup this game within 15 minutes, but buying the product and hiring the necessary man power to play this games is very difficult in Chennai, especially finding the suitable party entertainer to organise this game in Chennai was almost impossible, so we included this ring toss game in our carnival games list to decrease the burden for our guests.

Ring Toss Carnival Game in Chennai

The ring toss carnival game, that we have for the parties is highly customizable, so we can do the customizations according to the client’s needs,

for example, if the client prefers the ring toss game to be suitable for the birthday theme decoration, then we will change the ring toss game according to the theme. so it won’t look odd from the birthday theme decoration.

other than this if the client needs the gifts for the winners, we can also provide the gifts for the winners at extra cost.

the normal rent duration of this ring toss game is 3 hours, but if the client needs to extend the duration, we can extend the timing at extra costs

note: The timings should be finalized while confirming the order, last-minute game timing extensions can never be done.

Ring Toss Game setup

By ordering the ring toss game setup from us, our client will get the following things.

  1. one customized ring throw game setup 
  2. party entertainer to help the guests and kids at the party to play the games.
  3. default rent duration is 3 hours, additional hours will cost extra
  4. transportation may be added extra

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